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The Best Luxury Hotels In North Tenerife (2023)

The Island of Tenerife has plenty to offer to the millions of tourists that visit here yearly. When it comes to luxury hotels, you’ll find most of them in the Southern part of the Island. But don’t discard North Tenerife’s luxury hotels just jet. Although hotels in the North are less often purpose built, they can offer their guests a marvellous, authentic experience. The Northern coast of...

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These are the best & finest boutique hotels in North Tenerife

Tenerife is known as a major tourist destination all year round. Affordable hotels with massive capacity is no problem to find, even in the less touristy northern coast of the Tenerife. Finding gems among the many, many hotels can be a bit of a challenge, especially when it’s your first visit to the Island. We have selected and rounded up the best boutique hotels and luxury accommodations, dotted...

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North Or South Tenerife: Which Is The Better Side?

ote, this comparison is mend for visitors to the Island. If you are looking to compare the two parts through the lens of settling here for longer or shorter period of time, take a look at our Article “living on tenerife: a North and South Comparison.  From the green mountain slopes of Northern Tenerife to the sun-kissed beaches of Adeje in the Southern part of the Island, Tenerife is one of...

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Spain’s Golden Visa: Residence By Investment Program Explained 

The simplicity of the process, the inclusiveness of your core family for residency, the straightforwardness of the process, and the accessible amount of capital needed to make the Spanish Golden Visa scheme the best in Europe. On top of that, the quality of living in Spain is remarkable.  In this article, however, we explain everything you need to know about the Spanish Golden Visa law. Learn how...

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